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Services & Industries

    • Alternative Capital

      Over the last several decades, the federal government has made available to the business community various funding programs designed to spur economic growth across the country. Navigating these programs can be challenging, as they are typically subject to multiple federal agencies with differing jurisdictions. At CSG, we believe that clients who are eligible for this low-cost capital should be able to utilize it with confidence. More recently, cryptocurrency and blockchain companies have seen increasing pressure from new SEC rules and a myriad of SEC related enforcement actions. MORE >

    • Automotive Dealership & Franchise Law
    • Banking & Finance

      Financial institutions and their boards of directors and senior management are faced with an increasingly complex legal and regulatory landscape that poses significant risks of civil, criminal and reputational harm – all the while, still having to manage day-to-day operational responsibilities and client expectations. MORE >

    • Cannabis Law

      With its estimated growth to nearly $1 billion by 2024, New Jersey’s cannabis industry is increasingly front and center in the minds of savvy entrepreneurs and investors alike. However, no industry is exempt from risk, and those servicing, operating or investing in the medical and recreational cannabis sectors are faced with a particularly complex regulatory environment. MORE >

    • Construction

      Construction professionals, developers, property owners and contractors face a broad spectrum of issues at each phase of the construction process. A successful project requires skillful navigation of everything from financing and environmental issues to contracts, insurance and performance disputes. MORE >

    • Corporate Travel

      Corporate travel management has grown increasingly complex. Travel managers are tasked with cutting travel budgets without sacrificing service quality, while air and ground carriers, hotels and other suppliers become more adept at collecting and analyzing data, monitoring contract performance, and adjusting pricing when a company underperforms. Carriers’ ever-changing service offerings, the imposition of surcharges and fees, carrier alliances, alternate distribution channels, and confidentiality and data protection issues all pose an added layer of risk for companies whose employees travel for business. MORE >

    • Equipment Leasing & Asset Based Lending

      Whether you are with an equipment leasing company, commercial bank or alternative lending institution, it helps to have knowledgeable counsel that is well-versed in all aspects of equipment finance on your side. MORE >

    • Food & Beverage

      Those operating in the food and beverage sector – from manufacturers, distributors and importers to restaurateurs, franchisors and bar owners – are presented with a unique set of challenges. Their fiercely competitive industry is atypically margin-sensitive, dependent on strategic partnerships for capital and logistical support, and is increasingly bound to an evolving matrix of policy changes on everything from employment to product liability law. MORE >

    • Healthcare & Hospital

      Today’s health care industry faces unprecedented business, operational and regulatory changes. These changes present challenges and opportunities. MORE >

    • Media & Technology

      To remain competitive, forward thinking entrepreneurs must focus on what they do best: bringing powerful, transformative ideas to market. The rest should be left in the hands of capable advisors as deeply attuned to, and invested in, their ventures’ growth potential as they are. MORE >

    • Privacy & Data Security
    • Qualified Opportunity Zones

      Established by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, the Federal Qualified Opportunity Zone Program is designed to promote and drive long-term investment in designated low-income areas by allowing taxpayers to defer, and potentially reduce, the recognition of capital gain if the capital gain proceeds are invested in a Qualified Opportunity Fund. Further, if the taxpayer holds the investment in the Qualified Opportunity Fund for at least 10 years, the entire gain on all appreciation of the Qualified Opportunity Fund during the investment period will be excluded from taxation. MORE >

    • Regulatory Affairs
    • Renewable Energy & Sustainability

      Today’s renewable energy sector has a promising outlook. Costs associated with installing renewable energy technology are becoming more competitive and innovative financing structures are emerging. What’s more, states across the U.S. are offering attractive incentives to those installing, investing in and otherwise leveraging low-carbon energy sources – only adding to the sector’s appeal. MORE >