At a time when intangible assets play an increasingly important role in defining business value, it is imperative to fully understand a company’s IP portfolio to more accurately determine a valuation, as well as the deal’s potential outcome.

The CSG Law IP group regularly assists clients in developing strategies to monetize their intellectual property assets, including through licensing efforts. We have negotiated countless license agreements on behalf of our clients for the use of their IP assets in the United States and abroad. We also partner with clients ramping up for a potential equity event – helping them maximize the value of their business by shoring up their intellectual property portfolio.

Our clients also turn to us to uncover opportunity, liability and risk through the IP due diligence process. To achieve this, our IP Group works closely with the firm’s award-winning mergers and acquisitions team to tackle the intellectual property components of complex business transactions, including IP provisions of merger agreements, asset purchase agreements, joint development agreements and joint venture agreements.

Further, CSG Law attorneys routinely advise on other intellectual property-specific transactions – including franchise agreements, assignment agreements, work-for-hire agreements, publishing agreements, consent and co-existence agreements and domain name transfer agreements.