Employers who are successful in avoiding employment disputes are most often those who possess the foresight to proactively ensure compliance with the law and anticipate potential problems before they arise. When the inevitable occurs, these employers are positioned to deal with issues with confidence.

A leader in employment law, CSG Law provides counsel and representation to employers across a myriad of industries. We work closely with our clients to carefully craft compliance programs that are essential in today’s business climate. These programs, coupled with a well-planned, well-executed contingency process, result in substantial savings – in time, money and brand equity – compared to the substantial risk and exposure often associated with drawn-out, highly publicized litigation.

Anti-Harassment Training

Delivering countless training sessions a year to organizations of all sizes, the CSG Law Employment Group provides live, interactive anti-harassment training programs to our clients’ workforces that transform complex regulatory mandates into practical workplace policies and best practices. Working closely with human resources professionals, in-house counsel and other executives, we tailor training sessions to clients’ intended takeaways to optimally suit their unique business needs and objectives.

Employment Counseling

The CSG Law Employment Group is a trusted business advisor to companies of all sizes, and helps in-house counsel, management and human resources professionals navigate the complex maze of federal, state and local employment laws and regulations. We provide counseling and preparation of the necessary initiatives, policies and procedures employers should have in place to minimize exposure to employment claims – including litigation relating to discrimination, harassment or retaliation lawsuits and other potentially costly actions.

Our attorneys provide counseling to management on a broad range of issues, including equal pay; age, race, gender, disability and other forms of discrimination; wage and hour compliance; protected leaves of absence under state and federal law; Department of Labor and other governmental audits; development and implementation of employment policies, handbooks and other programs; whistleblower or other forms of alleged retaliation; wrongful discharge; employee benefits; employee contracts; separation and severance agreements; restrictive covenants; confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements; policy statements; employee training programs, including anti-harassment and workplace sensitivity training; employer/employee relations counseling and workplace investigations.

Employment Litigation

CSG Law’s seasoned employment attorneys work closely with organizations of all sizes in helping to navigate the complex maze of federal and state employment laws and regulations. Fully aligned with our clients’ objectives, we help minimize exposure to employment claims.

We assist our clients in avoiding, or creatively resolving, employment-related disputes pre-litigation through various forms of alternative dispute resolution whenever possible. However, in cases where litigation cannot be avoided, our experienced trial attorneys are prepared to vigorously represent employers in federal and state courts, as well as in administrative proceedings before federal and state agencies, in a cost-effective and strategic manner.

Our employment attorneys represent employers in various areas of litigation, including sexual and other types of workplace harassment; equal pay; age, race, gender, disability and other forms of discrimination; wage and hour disputes; whistleblower or other forms of alleged retaliation; wrongful discharge; breach of employment agreements, including restrictive covenants and putative collective and class actions under state and federal law.

Governmental Audits

For employers, the stress of an unannounced regulatory workplace inspection can be greatly reduced with sound document retention practices, careful implementation of regulatory mandates and, importantly, legal counsel’s foresight in empowering you and your organization with the insight needed to be in a strong, defensible position.

Whether your organization is proactively preparing for a regulatory spot check or is already in the throes of an inspection, attorneys in the CSG Law Employment Group can provide timely counsel related to employee classification; Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”); I-9 compliance; pay equity and discrimination; wage and hour law; safety and health practices and personnel and payroll records.

Restrictive Covenant, Trade Secrets & Unfair Competition

The attorneys on the CSG Law Restrictive Covenant, Trade Secret & Unfair Competition Team regularly serve as a trusted advisor to businesses and their executives – ensuring the right protective measures and strategies are in place to prevent damage and loss. Whether enforcing restrictive covenants and trade secret protections, taking swift action to stop wrongful conduct or implementing a more focused and long-term solution, we work with clients every step of the way to protect their businesses.

CSG Law litigates, and provides counsel regarding, the enforceability of restrictive covenants, trade secrets and confidentiality agreements. Our experience includes representing clients nationally, with an emphasis on matters in New Jersey and New York, and covers issues evolving from non-solicitation provisions, “Garden Leave” clauses, non-competition covenants and confidentiality covenants. In addition, we handle claims involving “raiding” and unfair competition, and draft employment agreements and restrictive covenants for our clients.

We represent businesses across a variety of industries, including broker/dealers of securities; registered investment advisors; commercial, private and investment banks; entertainment; accounting; technology; commodities; manufacturing; commercial printing; cosmetics; insurance; hospitality; staffing; logistics and sports.

Wage & Hour Law

As the volume of wage and hour class actions and related Department of Labor investigations steadily increases across the nation, it is critical that employers gain an understanding of the many factors that can bring about a claim in order to minimize litigation exposure. Equipped with the powerful insight and sophisticated counsel delivered by the CSG Law Employment Group’s attorneys, our clients are striving even in this environment of heightened regulatory scrutiny.

Leveraging our many years of experience assessing, remedying and litigating related matters, we advise on a number of factors that can give rise to a claim alleging wrongful wage and hour employment practices, including employee misclassification, federal and state wage and hour compliance and independent contractor status.

Workplace Investigations

Faced with notice of potential wrongdoing in the workplace, it is imperative that employers respond quickly and appropriately. Engaging outside legal counsel with years of experience assessing, investigating and remedying workplace claims is a prudent first step.

Our skilled employment attorneys are regularly engaged by in-house counsel, boards of directors, management teams, committees and other public and private company executives for strategic guidance conducting and supervising internal workplace investigations.

In the interest of mitigating future liability and regulatory enforcement, we also work closely with our clients to develop corrective and preventative actions, make necessary workplace policy changes and deploy precautionary training programs. Our attorneys have advised on countless matters investigating claims alleging violations pertaining to employee fraud, theft or embezzlement; discrimination, harassment and retaliation; employee disabilities and leaves; and wage and hour matters, including employee misclassification and overtime issues.



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