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February 24, 2021

ROI-NJ: Experts to Cannabis Entrepreneurs - Slow Down, Build Good Teams, Do Your Research

Lee Vartan was featured in an ROI-NJ story along with other individuals involved in the cannabis industry offering their suggestions to entrepreneurs as New Jersey prepares for the roll out of a legalized recreational cannabis industry.  Their suggestions include, slowing down, building a good team and doing your research.

When it came to asking what advice he would provide to those looking to break into the industry, Lee shared, “The passage of this legislation is significant in that it gives clearer form to the framework, timing and overall roadmap to licensure in New Jersey. As we await additional direction and regulations further narrowing down the scope of what it takes to engage in the state’s cannabis sector, my advice to aspiring entrants would be to begin pounding the pavement now to secure the prerequisites of a compelling bid to the state as it seeks to scale up and meet what will undoubtedly be a strong demand for adult-use cannabis. Now is the time to develop a strong team, consider real estate needs and achieve buy-in from municipal leaders. This proactive stance will ensure that cannabis entrepreneurs are ahead of the game once regulations are in final form and additional calls for applicants are issued.”

To read the full article, please visit the ROI-NJ website.


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