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Professional Liability

Clients who are dissatisfied with the results of a transaction or litigation often look to their lawyers to make them whole. Often times, the lawyer has done nothing wrong, but is looked to as an insurer or deep pocket when another party involved in a deal has engaged in misconduct causing the client’s losses, or when the client simply has a case of buyer’s remorse. Lawyers make mistakes too, but it does not make a case indefensible since the mistake may not have actually been the cause of any damages – a common focus of legal malpractice disputes that CSG has routinely litigated.

Legal Malpractice Defense: Our team is staffed with attorneys who have significant experience defending legal malpractice cases in New York and New Jersey. From time to time, we prosecute legal malpractice cases; doing so strengthens our ability to act as defense counsel by having a better sense of the lawyer’s vulnerability to common plaintiffs’ themes in malpractice cases and how to deal with them. On an as-needed basis depending on the underlying subject matter, we will team up with CSG’s numerous practice groups to ensure a proper and thorough examination of the event out of which the claim originated, as well as an understanding of the applicable law.

Led by CSG’s General Counsel, our Professional Liability Defense team provides presentations on legal malpractice updates in the law, as well as loss prevention techniques – topics on which our professionals have frequently presented.

Being the subject of an ethics grievance or formal ethics complaint can be a stressful and frustrating experience. The possibility of disciplinary action and sometimes personal feeling of betrayal where you provided quality representation to the client are trying enough. Having to take the time away from your practice to cooperate in the investigation or disciplinary proceeding only aggravates the situation.

Ethics Defense and Counseling: CSG has experience at all phases of the disciplinary system in New Jersey, which is overseen by the New Jersey Supreme Court, with the Disciplinary Review Board, Office of Attorney Ethics and volunteer District Ethics Committees throughout the State all charged with investigating, prosecuting and hearing ethics complaints, and/or reviewing recommendations for discipline imposed by hearing panels established by the District Ethics Committees.

In addition to representing those charged with violations of the Rules of Professional Responsibility, we also serve as ethics counsel to law firms or companies seeking advice relating to the Rules of Professional Conduct. We also provide written ethics opinions where appropriate.

July 1, 2019

Marie L. Mathews

Marie L. Mathews

Deputy General Counsel, Practice Group Leader, Litigation Group
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