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As tax law becomes more complex – and the penalties for non-compliance increase in severity – companies and individuals must be confident they are receiving informed, progressive and knowledgeable counsel to minimize their tax liability while staying within the parameters of the current tax laws.

The CSG Law Tax Group provides sophisticated advice to individuals, closely held businesses, partnerships and public corporations on all aspects of federal and state tax law. We work closely with colleagues across the firm’s practice groups to efficiently address and resolve tax-related issues that may arise in the course of representing any client.

Our attorneys address a full spectrum of corporate and personal tax concerns, including:

  • Formation of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and other business entities
  • Tax implications of acquiring existing businesses
  • Reorganizations of corporations, partnerships and other entities
  • Tax aspects of corporate and real estate transactions
  • Dissolution and disposition of businesses and assets
  • Federal and state tax litigation
  • Income and sales tax audits
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