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November 30, 2017

Peretore and Hornby Release 2018 Edition of "Secured Transactions For The Practitioner"

Lending professionals, equipment lessors and attorneys attempting to navigate the complicated process of perfecting liens and assuring priority in personal property now have a new guide to assist them. In the 2018 edition of "Secured Transactions For The Practitioner: How to Properly Perfect Your Personal Property Lien and Assure Priority," Frank Peretore and Robert Hornby present a practical approach to help secured parties maneuver through the legal perils surrounding personal property liens and provide insight into the latest case law and statutory revisions related to Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

“Frank and Robert have provided a resource that not only is comprehensive in scope but also useable day to day and deal by deal. We refer to it almost daily for best practices and to steer away from potential problems,” stated Chris Santy, CLFP, President of Patriot Capital-Powered by State Bank and Trust. “This is an exceptional working reference and guide for anyone who takes securing their collateral seriously.”

Peretore and Hornby, who are co-chairs of the Equipment Leasing and Financing Group at Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi PC with offices in New Jersey and New York, have structured the book in a way that helps the reader easily assess “attachment,” determine the type of collateral under Article 9 and satisfy Article 9’s requirement to perfect the lien and obtain/maintain priority. The book includes essential “Practice Tips” that highlight important issues, insight on how to avoid many litigation and bankruptcy pitfalls and the most up-to-date provisions and strategies for closing transactions and properly perfecting and assuring priority of liens.

“Perfecting a lien against personal property is a complex process, even for practitioners who are well versed in the intricate concepts of Article 9,” Peretore said. “For this reason, we wrote an easy-to-digest, desk reference book that serves as a practical guide for practitioners who want to understand and remain informed about changes to the law.”

Hornby added: “The user-friendly format of the book enables the reader to quickly locate the law, strategies and forms for each type of collateral in each stage of a new transaction, workout or litigation – ultimately allowing for aggressive, but effective, employment of the laws that protect companies operating in the equipment leasing sector. This includes straightforward advice about perfecting liens against more than 50 types of collateral.”

"Secured Transactions For The Practitioner: How to Properly Perfect Your Personal Property Lien And Assure Priority" is currently available for purchase on

About the Authors
Peretore serves as a trusted legal advisor and counselor to banks and finance companies throughout the country, possessing over 30 years of experience in commercial lending and leasing with a concentration in equipment finance and leasing and other asset-based lending. In 2015, he was nominated by Leasing News as one of the 25 most influential attorneys in the U.S. in the Equipment Leasing and Finance Industry.

Hornby represents banks and finance companies throughout the country in all aspects of equipment leasing, asset-based lending and civil litigation in New York and New Jersey state and federal courts. He regularly advises clients on a wide range of matters unique to the equipment finance and leasing industry, from drafting master documentation to the enforcement of lessors’ and secured creditors’ rights.