Strafford CLE Webinar: Intent to Use Trademark Applications – Pros and Cons, Demonstrating ITU, Converting to Actual Use

On June 6, from 1:00 – 2:30 pm, Paula I. Brueckner, Counsel in the CSG Law Intellectual Property Group, will be speaking at Strafford’s CLE Webinar, “Intent to Use Trademark Applications: Pros and Cons, Demonstrating ITU, Converting to Actual Use.” Filing an ITU trademark application can secure a priority filing date for the applicant while still developing the product or service under that mark. However, there are challenges with an ITU application. Companies acquiring trademarks must be aware of potential problems with ITU applications or applications that started as ITU applications, including improper assignment or lack of a bona fide ITU the mark.

Ms. Brueckner, along with other panelists, will highlight the pros and cons of using ITU applications, what qualifies as ITU, and demonstrating ITU. The panel will also discuss the challenges with an ITU application and offer best practices for converting the application to actual use.