NJ Thrives: Unraveling Cybersecurity Myths for Small Businesses

On October 5, from 12:00 – 1:30 pm, Michelle A. Schaap, Chair of the CSG Law Tech, Privacy and Data Innovations Group, will participate in NJ Thrives’ webinar, “Unraveling Cybersecurity Myths for Small Businesses.” Ms. Schaap will debunk common cybersecurity myths that often leave small businesses vulnerable, exploring the truth behind beliefs like “I am too small to be a target” and other misconceptions surrounding cyber and privacy concerns.

During this webinar, she will discuss:

  • Cyber threats targeting small businesses
  • Financial and operational impacts of these threats
  • Legal requirements, contracts, and website statements for defense
  • Risks from third-party service providers
  • Enhancing your cybersecurity defenses with practical tips