Jersey IT Group: Smart Tech Spending – Protecting Profits from Cyber Scams with Michelle Schaap

On March 12, Michelle A. Schaap, Chair of the CSG Law Tech, Privacy and Data Innovations Group, appeared on the latest episode of the Smart Tech Spending Podcast hosted by Jersey IT Group.

The episode, “Protecting Profits from Cyber Scams,” discussed:

  • Real-life financial impacts on two businesses following an employee falling for a common email scam.
  • The role of company policies and staff training in preventing financial loss.
  • The importance of a Funds Transfer Policy.
  • Responsibilities in supply chain breaches involving contractors or vendors.
  • Breach notification requirements for businesses in New Jersey.

The episode provides valuable insights into practical measures and legal considerations for businesses combating the increasing threat of cyber scams.

To listen to the episode, click here.