CSG Law Alert: Cannabis 101: What’s to Come in New Jersey

My colleague, Frank Giantomasi, and I published an op-ed in ROI-NJ titled, “Preparing for legalized marijuana in N.J.: A primer.” In the article, we cover everything from the key bills entering the legislative process to law enforcement’s sentiment toward the burgeoning industry and steps that entrepreneurs should take to enhance their chances of successfully operating a cannabis business or ancillary support service.

The months and years ahead promise to be exciting and potentially very lucrative for individuals and businesses interested in entering the marijuana industry. However, they cannot afford to be passive.

Based on my time overseeing the licensing and regulation of alternative treatment centers – which support the medical marijuana program – aspiring entrants should already be considering corporate form, preparing for thorough background checks and developing impregnable compliance plans and well-thought-out business models. Entrants should also be prepared to navigate a potentially hostile local zoning environment, at least in some counties and municipalities.

In short, entrants need to be well-prepared in order capitalize on the opportunities presented by the Governor and his plans to legalize recreational marijuana in New Jersey.

To read the full op-ed, please visit ROI-NJ’s website.

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