COMMERCE Magazine: Growing Business Opportunities in NJ’s Cannabis Industry: A Legal Perspective

Lee Vartan was featured in a COMMERCE Magazine editorial roundtable discussing the opportunities and challenges facing New Jersey’s emerging cannabis sector.

According to Lee, “The Murphy Administration has left no doubt—in 2019, the state will have many more medical marijuana dispensaries, cultivators and processors. Legislative action is not required. Expansion can happen—and will happen—through regulatory change alone. New Jersey’s Department of Health has already begun the process, which is good news for patients and the econ­omy alike. New Jersey will see the creation of a robust cannabis industry, complete with strong, New Jersey-based businesses and thousands of new jobs. Legally, it is also an exciting time. As the Department of Health wrestles with new regulations and the legislature new statutes, there is incredible opportunity to help form the laws that will ultimate­ly shape the industry. CSG is helping to position its clients to be among those awarded licenses from the state.”

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