COMMERCE Magazine: Annual Hospital CEO Roundtable: Innovations in Healthcare Delivery

Nicole DiMaria was featured in a COMMERCE Magazine editorial roundtable posing the question, “With the uncertainty of competing healthcare visions—the Affordable Care Act vs. Medicare for All and proposed new taxes or price controls on pharmaceuticals—how are you advising life sciences and healthcare clients in New Jersey?”

In response, she said, “While health care law is constantly in flux, it is trending toward efforts to foster greater consumer involvement in health care decision making and increased price transparency with the overall goal of reducing health care costs. One of the major legislative efforts on both the State and Federal level is to place limitations on out-of-network balance billing and the reimbursement providers may receive for out-of-network emergency or other “surprise” services. In addition to advising our health care provider clients to generally keep abreast of the latest health care law developments, we are advising them to be prepared for a decrease in collection rates, particularly out-of-network providers, who can expect to face increasing pressure to be in-network.”


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