Beyond Yahoo! … Safety Tips

On the heels of the staggering announcement that 1 billion records were compromised in a breach of Yahoo’s systems, which began in 2013, Yahoo! announced that its customers should change their passwords.

In addition, we recommend that you:

  • Change passwords on all other accounts for which you used the same password as your Yahoo! account.
  • If you had security questions associated with your Yahoo! account, change your security questions and/or answers on all of your other accounts.

Other tips:

  • During the holidays, you may see promises of “free” gift cards for “just” clicking on a link. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!
  • If you receive a notice that a package is waiting for you – or that your package has been misplaced, and you are not aware of any such package, contact the “actual carrier” directly through its known phone number to verify BEFORE you provide any personal or account information.
  • If you receive a notice for a security patch for one of your devices from a trusted source, apply or “accept” the patch promptly, rather than clicking “remind me later.” If, however, you are not sure that the patch is from a trusted source, contact the “source” through known channels to verify first.