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October 29, 2021

New York Law Journal: Global Talent Procurement in a Tight Domestic Labor Market: Pipe Dream or Possible Reality? Immigration Attorneys Weigh In

Samuel Newbold and Caroline Murphy were published in the New York Law Journal with an article offering a look at global talent acquisition strategies U.S. employers should consider as they navigate labor management and procurement challenges driven by a tight domestic labor market. While these strategies broaden the pool of talent for employers, they are not without risk – and Sam and Caroline share insight into the regulatory challenges that may arise when pursuing these alternative means of talent procurement, as well as hurdles to clear even when hiring domestically following the current period of largely remote work.

In the article, they note, “Many of us welcome the flexibility that has been a byproduct of working through the COVID-19 pandemic, and it may have accelerated some companies’ remote hiring strategies for good. We may see more offshore hiring for client-facing positions, and not just for back-end support. However, while companies may avoid the expense and headache of dealing with U.S. immigration laws by employing an individual in a foreign country, this in fact may create more issues than initially perceived.

To read the full article, please visit the New York Law Journal's website or view the PDF below.

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