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February 1, 2019

Law360: What Construction Attys Must Know About Virtual Reality

Michelle Schaap was featured in a Law360 article, "What Construction Attys Must Know About Virtual Reality," exploring best practices for attorneys and contractors new to the use of augmented and virtual reality ("AR/VR") technology on worksites.

She believes AR/VR will be beneficial for those using the technology to proactively identify issues in construction prior to a project's completion saying, "You can basically stop mistakes or errors early in the process or, preferably, avoid them completely because you're doing these regular checkups." She also envisions the technology enhancing training programs for operators of heavy machinery – ultimately improving site safety.

While she acknowledges the cybersecurity risks associated with the technology, she is eager to see how it will be applied in the future saying, "I think over time you're going to see more and more application of VR and AR for a variety of things connected to the construction industry."

To read the full article, please visit Law360's website.