The ability to rely on a firm that is known and respected throughout the state for its knowledge and experience at all levels of government is an invaluable resource for businesses and executives.

The CSG Law Regulatory Affairs Team provides its clients the premier level of legal counsel that today’s complex regulatory environment demands. Our reputation is the result of tireless advocacy on behalf of our clients and an in-depth understanding of the government offices, legislators and agencies we interact with on a regular basis.

Over the years, the governors of New Jersey, as well as other state, county and local officials, have appointed CSG Law attorneys as legal counsel to a number of government entities, including the New Jersey Economic Development Authority and the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. Our attorneys also represent clients in legal and administrative proceedings before numerous government entities and in challenges to adverse agency action, at both the trial and appellate court levels.

Additionally, we also help clients navigate the complex steps required of businesses seeking government contracts. In this sector, we assist clients in the procurement process, including certification, RFPs and bid submission, as well as represent them in challenges of award decisions in agency, trial and appellate court proceedings. We also help clients maintain regulatory compliance, particularly with regard to evolving “pay-to-play” rules designed to separate political contributions from an open and fair contract bidding process.