To remain competitive, forward-thinking entrepreneurs must focus on what they do best: bringing powerful, transformative ideas to market. The rest should be left in the hands of capable advisors as deeply attuned to, and invested in, their ventures’ growth potential as they are.

Our Media & Technology Team takes pride in their intimate understanding of value creation at every stage of growth, from start-up to exit, as well as their often decades-long client relationships with entrepreneurs, investors and other executives operating in the space.

Clients regularly benefit from the team’s keen business acumen spearheading the legal aspects of complex deals involving joint ventures and strategic alliances. Further, our attorneys advise with respect to mergers, acquisitions, investments and capital raises – representing both strategic acquirers and investors, as well as target technology, data, branding and advertising companies, on matters ranging from pre-transaction planning, term sheet negotiations, tax planning, and stock and asset purchase agreements.

Drawing from the strength and experience of a dedicated team of attorneys, we serve a broad client base consisting of multinational publicly traded companies, advertising and branding agencies, software companies, data and media providers, start-up ventures and investors on all aspects of technology, media, advertising, and corporate law, including:

  • Advertising and branding service agreements
  • Software licensing agreements, including SAAS, outsourcing and cloud computing
  • Technology development agreements
  • Data marketing agreements
  • Copyright, trademark and patent counsel, including searches and filings
  • Protection of intellectual property and defense of infringement claims
  • Data marketing
  • Co-branding agreements
  • Reseller transactions
  • Content licensing arrangements
  • Editor, contributor, design and layout agreements
  • Employment agreements and executive compensation counseling – including employee stock option plans (ESOPs)
  • Strategic alliances and content development
  • Product development and joint ventures with third parties
  • Private label transactions and other distribution arrangements
  • Privacy considerations – including compliance issues with respect to Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA, E.U. and U.S. federal and state privacy requirements, and COPPA
  • Website development agreements
  • Advising in connection with cybersecurity breaches and incident response
  • Index development and licensing agreements
  • Advising in connection with distribution and protection of data, including distribution directly to end users and through resellers