Leveraging years of experience representing the national, regional and local franchise community, the CSG Law Franchise Law Team meets the corporate and litigation service needs of clients at every stage of the franchise life cycle. Innovative, cost-effective and business-focused, our team helps clients remain competitive and achieve their business goals.

The CSG Law Franchise Law Team acts as a strategic legal advisor to all members of the franchise community, including prospective and current franchisees, single- and multi-unit franchise operators and owners, franchisors, developers, retailers, manufacturers, distributors and other members of the supply chain industry.

Our team has deep experience representing clients in a wide range of industries, including hotel and hospitality, gas station and fuel distribution, childcare, gym and fitness, medical, luxury watches and jewelry, food and beverage, motor vehicle dealerships, appliance and entertainment.

The Franchise Law Team is composed of leading lawyers with franchise-specific experience, including a member who earned the Certified Franchise Executive™ designation from the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives and Franchise Management Certificate from Georgetown University. Backed by our firm’s full-service capabilities in areas such as real estate, corporate law, employment law, intellectual property and immigration, among others, our Franchise Law Team meets the many and varied legal needs of the franchise community. Clients rely on our legal acumen and deep industry knowledge and experience across a broad spectrum of matters, including:

  • The franchising process
  • Purchase, development, renewal, sale and transfer agreements
  • Franchise disclosure documents
  • Franchisor/franchisee relations
  • Terminations
  • New Jersey Franchise Practices Act matters and claims
  • Intellectual property protection and infringement issues
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Real estate acquisition, lease and commercial landlord/tenant disputes
  • Distributor/supplier and other vendor relations and agreements
  • Retail and licensing
  • Employment issues
  • Immigration, EB-5 and investor matters
  • Portfolio expansion
  • Litigation and alternative dispute resolution

The Franchising Process

The franchising process can appear quite complex to those unfamiliar with this space, as a web of federal and state regulations and statutes govern franchise relationships throughout the United States. The professionals at CSG Law routinely explain the “ins and outs” of the franchise process, such that our clients are equipped with the tools and knowledge to make practical business decisions in this everchanging industry. Common questions we answer include:

  1. What laws govern the franchise relationship?
  2. Is my business relationship a franchise?
  3. What is an “accidental” franchise?
  4. Are franchise agreements negotiable?
  5. What is involved with franchising my business?
  6. Can I own multiple franchise locations?
  7. Can I get out of a franchise agreement?
  8. Can my franchisor terminate my franchise agreement and shutdown my franchise?

Franchise Law 101: FAQs” provides insight into these frequently asked questions specific to the franchising process.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Clients rely on our Franchise Law Team to help navigate disputes in or out of court and quickly resolve problems if and when they arise. Our team handles all phases of high-stakes litigation and conflict resolution throughout the U.S. and abroad for owners, operators and members of the supply chain industry. We routinely represent clients in asserting and defending breach of contract claims, termination disputes, misappropriation of trade secrets claims, real estate and construction disputes, landlord-tenant matters, shareholder disputes, commercial litigation matters and claims under the New Jersey Franchise Practices Act.

A Business-Focused Approach

We remain laser-focused on our clients’ business objectives, advising on all aspects of their business and strategizing with them beyond their issue of the moment to help them stay competitive and position them for a successful future.


  • Successfully defended an owner of 11 units of a franchise concept against an application for a preliminary injunction filed by the client’s franchisor to immediately halt the operation of all locations, resulting in a favorable settlement.
  • Represented a prospective franchisee in securing the rights to own and operate 45 units of a fast-casual food concept in Florida.
  • Represented several fast-casual franchisees in disputes with commercial landlords, resulting in several favorable settlements and pre-litigation resolutions.
  • Secured a preliminary injunction on behalf of a wholesale distributor temporarily enjoining a manufacturer from terminating a distributorship, resulting in a favorable settlement.
  • Secured complete dismissal of fraud claims against members of an entity owning several fast-casual food franchises brought by minority members.
  • Represented a multi-unit franchisee in the prelitigation early termination of an area developer agreement, resulting in a favorable resolution for the client.
  • Represented a multitude of both new and well-seasoned franchisees in reviewing franchise disclosure documents and the negotiation of single-unit, multi-unit and area development agreements, securing rights to develop franchise locations throughout the country.
  • Successfully pursued several cases on behalf of retailers and distributors alleging unlawful terminations pursuant to the New Jersey Franchise Practices Act, resulting in several favorable settlements.

*Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.



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