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January 18, 2017

Forbes: Estate Planning for the Ultra-Wealthy When Living to 120 or Beyond

Jeffrey Chiesa was featured in a Forbes article titled "Estate Planning for the Ultra-Wealthy When Living to 120 or Beyond." According to Jeff, "Controlling wealth until death is a common particle among self-made millionaires. However, this thinking can lead to poor estate plans especially when the people involved live a long time. Where the wealth holders are living a very long time, it’s their responsibility to construct estate plans that clearly spell out what is to happen and, many times, it’s wise to transfer assets before death. Transferring assets before death solves lots of possible problems such as family disputes and lawsuits and assets strangely disappearing. Because of the possibility of dementia or older wealth holders being exploited by advisors, staff, or family members, shifting some of the wealth before death can be very beneficial for all involved."

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