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Environmental Transactions

When it comes to the sale and purchase of real property, very little can sour a deal more quickly than an overlooked environmental risk factor. On the other hand, comprehensive environmental due diligence executed by a team that includes seasoned engineers-turned-attorneys can greatly facilitate a successful transaction and demonstrate good faith.

Comprised of attorneys ranging from former environmental engineers and geologists to nationally respected environmental law veterans, CSG’s Environmental Group is a valuable resource to buyers, sellers and lenders engaged in property deals. Our transactional experience allows us to work closely with clients during the contracting through due diligence stages to obtain regulatory approvals and implement remedies.

We assist in structuring transactions to manage environmental risk at all phases, and provide support on matters involving:

  • Acquisition, remediation and redevelopment of Brownfield properties
  • Coordinating and interfacing with development teams and ancillary service providers
  • Disclosure laws and obligations
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Environmental insurance
  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments
  • Review and negotiation of consulting agreements
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA) and Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA)