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September 8, 2021

Edge: N.J. Executives on Effective Ways to Get Your Business's Message Out in the COVID Era

Thomas J. Trautner, Jr. was recently featured in an article for New Jersey Chamber of Commerce’s September issue of Edge along with other N.J. Chamber members sharing their range of experiences networking during the pandemic and best practices to set these interactions up for success.

Drawing from his leadership role with the Urban Land Institute of Northern New Jersey, Tom explains, “I try to help members, during the pandemic, find opportunities for spontaneous conversations that lead to new connections – such as through Zoom seminars. Helping to foster new relationships can be as simple as not restricting the chat features on Zoom and allowing direct messaging between seminar attendees. Sometimes just messaging someone to poke fun at a virtual background can be an effective icebreaker. Same networking playbook, new normal.”

To read the full article, visit the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce’s website.


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