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August 22, 2019

CSG Launches Professional Liability and Ethics Blog, Protecting Your Legal Practice

As an attorney, few things are scarier than getting sued for malpractice or having an ethics grievance filed against you. However, a careful analysis of trends in recent legal malpractice rulings and ethics opinions offers invaluable context that can help attorneys mitigate the risk of such a claim.

With this in mind, CSG is pleased to announce the launch of its Protecting Your Legal Practice blog, which intends to help attorneys navigate the complex web of rules and guidance available and reduce their potential exposure by highlighting recent trends, decisions, loss prevention techniques and commentary on ethics opinions relevant to the practice of law in New York and New Jersey.

We encourage you to visit and subscribe for the latest insight from CSG's Professional Liability Group, including posts such as:

Pro Bono Clients Entitled to Same Quality of Service as Paid Clients

New York Ethics Opinion Requires Attorneys Paid in Cryptocurrency to Treat It as Business Transaction

Is It Really Better to Know the Judge than Know the Law?

The Role of the Engagement Letter in Setting Client Expectations and Avoiding Legal Malpractice Claims

Failure to Comply with Local Procedural Rules Could Lead to Malpractice Claim

Law Firm Can Sue Expert For Not Testifying in Contingency Case

Can a Legal Malpractice Defendant Seek Contribution from the Lawyer that Subsequently Took Over the Case?

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