Trenton Office

CSG knows its clients rely on the experience and insight of the firm and its attorneys to achieve positive business outcomes – even under the most challenging circumstances. The firm’s office in Trenton, NJ, located directly across from the Statehouse, is one of the many tools CSG utilizes to ensure clients receive effective and cost-efficient counsel.

As a firm that is known and respected throughout the state for its knowledge of and experience with all levels of government, CSG’s Trenton office is an invaluable resource for businesses and executives. The office hosts seasoned CSG attorneys, many of whom are also registered governmental affairs agents, with backgrounds in areas such as regulatory, environmental, health care, tax, real estate redevelopment and casino gaming. With first-hand knowledge of regulatory issues and the legislative process, the firm’s attorneys are able to guide clients through the often complex maze of requirements facing businesses in New Jersey.

The Trenton office also serves as a vital tool in facilitating essential relationships for the firm’s clients. Face-to-face meetings with decision-makers ensure that clients’ needs and concerns are heard. Being where government happens makes a difference in understanding and working on the outcomes.