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New Rule Requires Local Notification and Emblems on Buildings with Solar Panels

February 2014

On January 17, 2014, a new state law, Assembly Bill A-266 (S-507), was approved to help protect New Jersey firefighters’ safety when responding to emergency calls at buildings with solar panels.

Owners of any building or structure that has a solar panel system installed, now and in the future, will be required to provide a written notice to their local fire department indicating:

  • the year the panels were installed;
  • the property owners’ names;
  • the building address; and
  • the names of the owners and addresses of any adjacent properties served by the solar panel system.

Additionally, all owners of buildings, except for one or two family residences, with a solar panel system installed will be required to place an emblem on the front of their buildings notifying firefighters of the system, as directed by the Commissioner of Community Affairs.

The law further mandates that municipal agencies, upon the issuance of a permit to install or modify a solar panel system, file a copy of the permit with the local fire department.

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