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Commercial Property Appeals in 2012: April 1 Deadline Approaching

January 18, 2012

As the real estate market in New Jersey continues to decline as we enter 2012, many property owners are over-assessed for purposes of local property taxation, especially commercial properties. With New Jersey having the highest property taxes in the country, it is prudent for commercial, industrial and multi-residential property owners to consider appealing their local property assessment as one of the key mechanisms for weathering this decline.

However, it is not just property owners who can file a tax appeal. Any party with an interest in the payment of real property taxes, such as a commercial tenant paying taxes pursuant to a net lease, has standing to bring a tax appeal.

April 1st is the filing deadline for a 2012 property tax appeal. If you are interested in exploring a commercial property tax appeal, Wolff & Samson PC is experienced in the prosecution of commercial, industrial and multi-residential properties, as well as special use properties and hotels. We can also review the tenant’s lease to see if the right to file an appeal was contractually allocated. We will be pleased to undertake an initial analysis to determine the potential merits of a tax appeal on your particular property on a complimentary basis. If you decide to appeal, Wolff & Samson, in certain cases, will do so on a contingent fee basis.

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