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January 5, 2021

COMMERCE Magazine: Energy Projects and Initiatives Will Impact New Jersey

Dennis M. Toft was featured in a COMMERCE Magazine editorial roundtable covering innovative energy projects and initiatives coming to fruition across New Jersey. In the article, he offers a closer look at the positive impact of a client's project in Linden, which promises to be a bellwether for the future of energy production in the State.

Dennis notes: "New Jersey is facing the challenge of coming into compliance with a critical mandate to limit food waste and organic materials going to waste in landfills. The State’s residents and businesses are seeking long-term sustainable solutions that will result in the meaningful reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

"CSG is representing RNG Energy Solutions, LLC in obtaining permits and approvals for and otherwise in connection with the Linden Renewable Energy (“LRE”) large-scale anaerobic digester project to convert food waste to renewable natural gas as well as a solid product for use as a soil amendment. This $210 million investment in the City of Linden will produce renewable natural gas (“RNG”) in an amount equivalent to 24,000 gallons of gasoline per day from food waste. The RNG will be used to make renewable hydrogen. The LRE Project – notably, located on a Brownfield site – will deploy state-of-the-art technology processing approximately 1,100 – 1,200 tons per day of pre-processed food waste secured from the NY/NJ metro region, and will be one of the largest carbon reduction resources in the State of New Jersey. It is undoubtedly a harbinger for the future of energy supply in NJ – providing a reliable source of RNG while reducing carbon emissions and helping with mandated food waste recycling."

To read the full roundtable, please visit COMMERCE Magazine's website.